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Bob Hot Air Popper

A small arena with a neat little novelty first seen in one of Fusion's M1 maps. Looks better in M2, in my opinion... PPC-only (zero-length line error).

M2-Showered with Grenades

A nice conversion of Bungie's M1 level. Feels a lot like the original. Great for nostalgia...

Object Placement Editor 1.4

OPE is a quick way to add/remove different aliens on the net levels. Easier than doing the same thing with Mia or MME. This version fixes a few bugs.

Pfhlush After Using

A very big map, mostly underwater. Some nice tricks. A little bit of texture smearing in a couple of places, but nothing horrible. PPC-Only (zero length line).

MNB's Pfhorever

A modification of Pfhorever (also available here) whereby the secrets are easier to get to, and the arena is open-air.

Pfhorever v2.0b1

A pretty nice arena in the style of Waldo World. Package also comes with a version for M1.

Disco Inferno v1.0.1

Aaron Sommer's take on the original Disco Inferno. Since it's not an upgrade by the original author, I'm leaving both versions up... This one's worth a look, though. The teleporter hall made me sick. Not a new map, just new to this page.


A nice 5-D take on Bungie's pillar net level. Much, much bigger than the original (or at least it seems that way, with the added dimension...).

Happy Happy Carnage Carnage

A simple arena for up to four players. Each player gets his own weapon, and ammo is down in the pit... The only way to change weapons is to die. (If this one gets converted to M2, it should have a totally different feel to it...) Not a new map, just new to this page.

Hard Boiled

For such a small map, it sure is easy to get lost... Contains Harry Hahn's impeccable attention to detail (check out the Marathon logo in the big room near the top of the map, done in lights...) Not a new map, just new to this page.


A baseball diamond. Check the locker room for the really big guns. Not a new map, just new to this page.

Simply Elegant

A small arena with a fitting name. Comes in two versions: lowG and normal. A defended hill, for once...

Starbase IX

Big, and dark. Pretty spooky, though... if you're playing this as a net level, be sure to have a big group. The readme says any similarities to existing work is coincidental or subconscious. He's got a pretty active subconscious...

Suicide V21

5 levels. A couple of them are great (Mount Pfhorabachi, Out of the Closet) and all are very playable. Up on a Pedestal is a little rough if you miss a weapon at the start, but I guess if you do, you won't live long, so it's not really a problem...


A concept map. A totally white world... great for the holidays. REQUIRES the Maddox/Hijacker textures (357K) for the two textures it uses... If you play this solo, be prepared to get your butt kicked by those regenerating troopers. Never fear, there's a recharger here somewhere... if only I could find my way through the snow...

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It"

Totally non-040 friendly (looks like zero line length error...). and the textures and angles give me a headache on a powermac. Some nice secrets, though...

Stardate 9508.18

A house. Not bad, but it feels cramped... very few places to hide. Nice use of sound.

"Circular Death, M2 Style"

This was a great small map for M1. The addition of water totally changes the dynamics of the map (no more dropping to that lowest teleporter quickly to escape...), but it might work out to be just as fun...