Created by Kirill Levchenko

"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place"

An attempt to make the perfect net level. Very nice attention to detail (great lighting!), and very good flow. It certainly is a good example of the arena genre...

Term Installer 2.1

This is of use only to scenario makers. You can use it to make an installer that will install shapes, sounds, terms, STR# resources, splash screens, chapter picts, film resources, and custom icons, all in one swell foop. Horrendously useful... If you're making a big scenario, this will save you (and your users) more time than you want to calculate.


This is in the same vein as 20 Minutes of Hell, for you M1 solo players. No plot (well, there is background in the readme, but it's mostly just window-dressing) - the point is to kill and stay alive as long as possible. A good stress-burner.

Free Fall

A pretty nice level with a mission. Get the repair chips... No terms, but a couple of very nice perks. Up to Bach's high-quality standard for solo maps... Cool beginning, nasty ending. (You'll see.)

Absolut M2

A port of the M1 Absolut map. This one might actually work as a net level, though... it's full of water.

LiteEdit 1.0

A neat little tool for viewing, and printing the light levels for a given map. Quite handy.

Stratum Interlude

Set between Arrival and Bigger Guns Nearby, this level expands on the Bungie storyline. Another strategy level-your only weapons are your pistol and your fist. Nice.

Training Maps

Four levels. Exactly what they sound like. Each level consists of a room with one or two specific types of aliens in it. The included physics model simulates a hydrogen-filled atmosphere-use your gun and die. The idea here is to get good at killing with just your fist, and to stay alive as long as possible. Just 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, and you'll have a flatter tummy in no time.

Deja Vu

A pretty well laid out level. You'll be far too busy trying to stay alive the first time through to really take stock of your surroundings, but don't worry, there are ways around that... For your own enjoyment, don't read the terms before playing.


Looks small, but it's not... Readme says it can be played solo, but there really aren't enough aliens...