Created by Frigidman™

Fm: Tipatae Tibatoh (oo)

Tipatae Tibatoh is a map I designed for the Tempus Irae II: The Lost Levels. The map was then designed for Evil and then Infinity. The Infinity version is just a plain simple carnage map with no special physics are adjustments.

Fm: Clan Wars (oo)

Battle of the Clans was made for Evil initially, and was supposed to be ported to Infinity. For some reason, this never happened. So, I yanked out the map and ported it to Infinity in this file called Battle of the Clans.

Fm: Net Map Pack v3

Each level contains a nice ammount of aliens, so if you wish to go solo and romp around carnaging to your hearts content, it will be much more satisfying because it contains aliens. If you don't like them during net play, then check them OFF in the Gather Net Game dialog (duh).

Siege of Nor'Korh v2

This is the Prequel to the wonderful conversion known as Marathon:Evil. Evil finishes the unfinished business you have at the end of this scenario, and continues on further.

Fm: Net Hop Pack v1

This is a pack of 8 net maps strictly for use with Marathon Infinity. It contains some earlier versions of many of the levels here, I have not updated this NetHop with the latest versions (no demand for it). The thing that makes this different from the Infinity Map Pack, is that each level contains a Terminal from which you can jump to the next map during the same game.