Fm: Net Hop Pack v1

Created: 1-6-97

Requires: Marathon:Infinity

Specs: All of the maps in this pack run well on any PPC. Most run well on an 040.

This is a pack of 8 net maps strictly for use with Marathon Infinity. It contains some earlier versions of many of the levels here, I have not updated this NetHop with the new versions (no demand for it). The thing that makes this different from the Infinity Map Pack, is that each level contains a Terminal from which you can jump to the next map during the same game.

This is really neat because you can then start a game and jump from map to map during it to keep the variety up so to not lose interest. Some games have been known to go for 2 hours on this pack!

Each level contains a nice ammount of aliens, so if you wish to go solo and romp around carnaging to your hearts content, it will be much more satisfying because it contains aliens. If you don't like them during net play, then check them OFF in the gather net game dialog.

If you play this pack SOLO, you will notice an extra level in the beggining. This was a 'needed' level in order to make the jumping from map to map repeatable in a net game (bug in the program). That is, if you wanted to loop back to the first map, you wouldn't be able too if this extra map wasn't there. Call it a bonus map I guess... it's the same map in Infinity I made (King of Pain).

The maps in this pack:

* Pfhor Winds

* Desperate Measures

* Carnage Heights

* Brak Station

* Axiocranium

* Hatala

* Flying Leap

* Cringe

Levels in map "FM ∞ Net Hop Maps":
House of Luck
Pfhor Winds
Desperate Measures
B'rak Carnage
Carnage Heights
Flying Leap