Fm: Tipatae Tibatoh (oo)

Specs: Runs great on any mac that runs Evil, or Tempus well.

Tipatae Tibatoh is a map I designed for the Tempus Irae II: The Lost Levels. The map was then designed for Evil and then Infinity. In all actuallity though, the map was first created in Infinity, then Evil and then in Tempus... because the texture transfer was much easier to go from few (Infinity) to many (Tempus).

The Tempus version can only be gotten by downloading The Lost Levels, and playing it from that pack within Tempus Irae. If you want the single map of it, too bad, go get the pack

The Evil version has special physics built in. The Railgun and Nukegun both have second triggers that do something dangerous. Because of these second triggers, the weapons don't show up much, and only one is in game play at a time when they do. Warning, use the nukegun's second trigger, VERY carefully (I call it the panic trigger).

The Infinity version is just a plain simple carnage map with no special physics are adjustments. However, it is still very fun to play.

Levels in map "Mi-Tipatae Tibatoh":
Tipatae Tibatoh