Fm: Clan Wars (oo)

Created: 3-16-97

Converted: 5-26-98

Requires: Marathon:Infinity and at least 4 players.

Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs well for me, so it should run well for others. I suggest no 040 users play this map.

Battle of the Clans was made for Evil initially, and was supposed to be ported to Infinity. For some reason, this never happened. So, I yanked out the map and ported it to Infinity in this file called Battle of the Clans. This might be the first in a series, but I am unsure at this moment. If there is a demand, then there is a will. So eMail me!

This map is designed for two teams, and no less than 4 people playing. It consists of two huge bases, one a Fortress, and the other a Castle. Each base has a throne hill that has a special feature about it. The point of the game is to be the team with the most time on the hill.

"There are two hills, one in each base, so whats the point?"

Well, from your base, you can close off and flood the other hill, thus giving you a stronger defense on the single hill. However, they can do the same.

"The same? Does that mean the other team can just close off your hill, and you theirs and then no one gets on the hill?" No, there is a locking switch to prevent them from flooding your hill while you are on it. This switch will lock off their flood switch to your hill, thus giving you the satisfaction of standing on the hill safely.

"So what do we do when that happens?" What you do is the whole point of the map, and that is to infiltrate their base to deflood your hill and lock their switch, so you can do the same to them. But the infiltrating part shouldn't happen if you are the better team! You will have to defend, because they will be trying to get in to unflood their hill, or take yours over.

It's a game of balance and power. Once one team manages to flood the other teams hill, and lock their flood switch to your hill, the battle begins. They try to attack in force to either take over your base, or get theirs opened up for time gaining. But be warned, because once the other team gets the edge, you are out in the cold and will have to attack.

It's a really fun game with like 8 players, lemme tell ya. The map has a terminal in the center of the level that outlines and explains the switches. But after a few runs, playing the map like it is supposed to, you will understand it. If you have Evil, and wish to watch to see some players playing this map the way it is INTENDED, then go grab the film pack in the downloads and watch.

Levels in map "Battle of the Clans.v1":
Battle of the Clans