Created by Ben Matasar

Mineshaft v2.0

A little loop of a map, with a great mineshaft as one arm. Great place for ambushes! Update adds quite a bit to the mines... lots of places to hide, lots of stuff to find.

Mutual Satisfaction (m2)

A hellish tiny arena. My advice: get down, get a weapon, and get up as fast as you can. Otherwise, you're gonna be in a world of hurt.

Banzai! v2

The most innovative use of current I've seen yet. Aptly named (and spelled right, now). A really, really cool small map. Check it out! (You might need the map view to figure out what's going on, if you're facing the wrong way...) Update adds a few tweaks. Send films to the author. Do it.

Death Awaits You All!

An arena with a ring around the outside. The central pit can be filled by the use of switches.

Cosmic v2.0

Small, simple, very nice flow for small groups. Getting onto the upper ledges from the water takes timing... This update decreases that timing need (and changes a few textures).

Octagon v2.0

A big, rambling level. Lots of twisty, windy passageways with drop holes into water-filled tunnels... In order to facilitate flow, the underwater tunnels have been removed. Really shrinks up the subjective size of the map.