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Forge This!. 1.0

A relatively simple netmap with a couple of Forge tricks in it (hence the name).

Goran's Netpack 1.0

7 maps, 2 already released, 5 new. Wide range of sizes - what they have in common is their use of huge numbers of polys (and views that would crash Infinity in an instant). Heavy on the map complexity, light on stuff like lighting and sounds... but you should find a map in here for most tastes.

ooga's Shroom Patch v1.0

This is just a little bit of rubicon fun, and it supports all gametypes. The weapons have been sped up in almost all aspects, making netplay totally bitchin'.

Chips v1.0.1

Three bite-size netlevels designed to allow maximum flow. Fun for the whole family, except the family members who don't think it's fun.

Stormy Weather v1.0

A simple simplici7y map (meaning it has but 7 polys). Sound's a little funky (there are a couple of polys with no sound, leading to some jarring transitions), but it's got decent flow for a tiny map - be careful, the elevator leading out of the moat isn't as responsive as you might think (it's easy to get spanked down there if you think you're coming up..).

Spokes of Carnage v1.0

A two-level wheel. Plenty of ammo and weapons, easy cover. Movement (due to the small size and the teleporters) is very fast.

Sylvain's Netmaps v1.0

5 levels, created a couple of years ago by a mapmaker who disappeared off the net. These are being released by his primary beta tester, under the assumption that it's a crime to waste good Marathon levels. (And good they are - most have an organic feel, with lots of curves, and a huge amount of vertical complexity.) Some funky physics stuff on some of the maps - but generally, very nice (large) maps for bigger groups.

The Pit 2001 v1.0

Complicated, funky spaces, lots of stairs. Takes a little while to get used to - figure out where you are. More than enough ammo and weapons for a huge game - tight enough (once you get used to it) for a small one.

The Stadium (SM) 1.0

Big open (dark) pit, lots of running rooms on the outside, more rechargers than you can shake a stick at.

Yadda Yadda Arena 2.5

A huge open arena, with raised corners, a central sewage pillar (for climbing), and some outside passageways. Probably better with larger groups. Unmerged.

You Can Run... 1.0

Double-level map - the bottom is a pillar-filled arena with lots of hiding spaces. The top is a ring around the outside, with teleporters and stairs jumping between the two. Dark. Unmerged.

Magic Waters v1.0

This map was originally submitted to the Bungie Mapmaking Contest in 1997. It was included here because of that... but it was one of several hundred maps that hadn't been looked at. The author discovered it here in September, 2001, and sent in a new readme for it - which got me to finally look at it. Lots of long water channels, a few secrets - plus plenty of places to jump out and snipe from. A bit too big to be a lot of fun with large groups (two of us had trouble finding each other sometimes). Comes with a small sounds patch that adds a new siren sound.

Narrowly Missed v1.0

A large central arena, with a maze of corridors around it. Lots of rechargers (though most aren't safe, unless the groups are small).

Obsidian's Collection v1.0

9 maps, ranging from really fun to really irritating. Lighting could use some work, but gameplay is pretty good. Heavy reliance on 5D - maps like Hall of Illusion are really enjoyable because of it. A couple of vacuum levels, including one that's actually a maze - if that doesn't drive you nuts, nothing will. All in all, a collection worth playing. All maps are unmerged.

Redux NetMapPak v2.0

27 maps, ranging from very, very good to... um, well, playable. Made over a number of years by a group of 4 people (and refined along the way), this collection should provide your crew with some serious netplay action. There are descriptions (and credits) for all levels included - start with the Favorites pack, but don't end there. (The Frandall pack is the oddest of the bunch - but that's not always a bad thing.)

Rock & Roll v1.0

Two maps - the first is a single room, a simple arena with some higher points to shoot at the hill from. The second is an expansion of the first - the original room has fancier lighting and more weapons, and the whole map gets a second area.