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Absolut M2

A port of the M1 Absolut map. This one might actually work as a net level, though... it's full of water.

All Roads Lead to Waldo World

Yet another Waldo port... this one uses the pfhor textures, and entrance to the side rooms is via teleporter instead of a door (makes it pretty hard to back out...).

Banzai! v2

The most innovative use of current I've seen yet. Aptly named (and spelled right, now). A really, really cool small map. Check it out! (You might need the map view to figure out what's going on, if you're facing the wrong way...) Update adds a few tweaks. Send films to the author. Do it.

Beyond Thunderdome

The author says this was designed as a solo practice level, and it has no lighting effects. I'd say it's a pretty nicely designed level, quite big (4+ players), and its only real shortcoming is the abundance of open space (making it very slow on 68K machines). Lots of goodies, though...

JC Net Collection v1.1

Jeremy Condit's net maps (4 of 'em), converted from M1 and enhanced. These were great levels for M1 (usually with some sort of unusual twist), and he's really improved the feel of them for M2. Stop the Press!, for example, doesn't feel so claustrophobic anymore, now that the outer ring is outdoors... These are all worth a look. And read the readme... there's quite a bit of useful information there. Update fixes a bug, and adjusts ammo...

M2 Suicide v5

5 more converted M1 suicides. The texture choices are getting much better. Mountains o' carnage...

Recharge It! Pfhor Get It!

Very geometrical, seems to take a lot of inspiration from Bungie M1 maps (I was reminded of What Goes Up, and Bob-B-Q, for example). Great flow, and the single 1x recharger provides just enough temptation to get your buddies blown away.