Created by Tim Thomas

Rogue Moon

We don't have a contest for most difficult scenario ever! Had we, Mr. Thomas would win hands down, or at least get honorable mention. United Earth Military Complex Consortium is the AI/leader. Opening screen of actual Hubble space photos is impressive & beautiful. Can we get this as a desktop picture? Nonetheless, it's a maze, it's a labyrinth, it's going to take up some of your time. This is a well organized, architecturally interesting bit of map making but oh boy, it is a stinker! The term's are too articulate and full of directions for a poor dumb Marine like us to grasp ...

TexRay Workbench v1.0

A packet of instructions for creating Marathon textures using Bryce 2 along with Bryce templates. Support files are here and a set of 12 example textures that are stored as pics.