Created by MeKilla

Crossfire WS

Dunno. Square with four interior ammo shelves reached by elevator & holding switches. Central cage you can end up in by sudden transport. You can get out, shoot those switches. Gather that ammo before trying your wings here. Designed for 2-4 players, author says maybe 8 player positions.

Cuckoo for Carnage Puffs

Exactly the same layout as the M2 edition. Infinity textures are the only difference. All else applies.

Cuckoo for Carnage Puffs (M2)

Straight Arena play, no KOTH, very straightforward. Ammo is in rooms outside game field & reached by central transporter, suggested up to 8 players. A few Pfhor thrown in; ahhhh, those M2 textures.

How Deep Can Shit Git?

Kinda deep. Arena play, sewage pool in the middle, catwalks surrounding same. There is a room you can end up in (off-site as it were) & receive mercy transport back to main arena to continue action or be greeted by your opponent. Kinda interesting. Supports 2-4 players.

Saniquarium (Infinity)

Rectangle with two stairways on facing sides. Stairs are good hidey holes. King of the Hill. Recommended 2-4 players, sez can possibly accommodate 8. Don't think so, pretty crowded. Arena play.