Created by Mark Conahan

Repurposing Bob

Mark Conahan has taken all of his M1 maps (including those originally in Canyonlands, Go Wif Jeza, Bobco, some single-map releases, and some previously unreleased maps), tied them all together with a cynically entertaining storyline (reminded me of Harry Harrison), and bundled them with a huge assortment of shapes. These include all those first released with the above maps, plus new scenery, and some shapes and physics created by other people (the battle mech from Dogs of Pfhor, the fusion and spanker bobs from Dave Turner's High and Low map, a sight patch...).


A striking map, designed for king of the hill. You want to stay on the high ground, because there's a switch that will flood most of the map in lava... The hill is quite reachable from this switch, so beware the cherry picker. (The lava's supposed to drain if you leave the switch, but I found with a little fancy footwork, you could make it to the hill with the lava in place... it'll go off when they die and regenerate, but this is a cheap way to get a few extra seconds of hill time.)

Industrial Strength (M2)

One side is full of canyons and ledges, the other side is a fortress. Between them is a lava river that serves more than one purpose. This map is really pretty to look at, but if you play it with aliens on, you'll never get to see that... A little bit of smearing at the bottommost corridor, where the lava comes up too high, but nothing major.


A port of an M1 map that was included with the Go Wif Jeza package. I didn't like the original very much, because I kept getting whupped on it... but this is a very nice translation, taking advantage of lots of nice M2 features, and the next time I run into these guys...
Download it for its diversity of altitudes, its great flow, its ubiquitous ammo. The biggest negative would have to be its overabundance of rechargers, and I can live with that... Staying on the hill is a non-trivial exercise.