Created by Jesse Simko

Carlos on the Run 1.0

Originally known as Muerte Machine, this grandiose project was abandoned before being completed

No More Teleporters

Jesse Simko, creator of the eagerly awaited Muerte Machine, has uploaded this nice demonstration showing how to remove half of the warping effect which happens when a player changes levels. (He's eliminated the warp out effect from the start level... but not the warp in effect on the end level. He does, however, give some suggestions for diminishing the latter effect.) This should be very useful to anyone creating levels based in universes where teleporting makes little sense (Earthlike scenarios, for example), or to someone who's looking for a way to get around the 1024 poly limit on a si...

Jjaro- The Other Durandal

Three levels, good story in the Read Me, clear mission, love the "Muerte Machine". A few musical notes from the "Good, Bad & the Ugly", sounds really Cool! Not sure what to say about this scenario. You might like it if you like to go 'round & 'round. Terms/Durandal are good. Intimidating Pfhor as well. Shoudn't be dismissed too quickly.