Created by Jason Harper

Missed Island -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Missed Island. Converted by Craig Caroon.


The closest anyone's ever come to a cutscene level. Pretty astounding, even given the limitations... play it to see what it's all about. (It's cool. Really cool.) The author gives permission to incorporate this into your scenario, and even offers to customize it for you. Amazing what he thinks of...

Stacked Walkways

A pretty neat demo of two walkways on top of each other. The technique uses scenery items to fake the look of the walkway, so you don't look like you're floating... it seems pretty clear that with a little bit of artistry, the proper scenery items could be created to make the upper walkway look nearly flawless. Also contains an intriguing extension of the author's untextured wall experiments.

Stacked Windows

A further advance of the techniques shown in "Untextured Walls". In this case, you can stack openings in a wall. A nice hack... and correctly done, nearly invisible to the player.

Untextured Walls

A cool demo of what can be done with untextured walls. Hacks, all, but in the right hands, they can make the architecture in Marathon levels look more realistic.

Missed Island

The Granddaddy of puzzle maps. This map won "best use of Forge" in the Bungie Mapmaking competition, and is a treasure-trove of super-cool tricks. Any serious scenario-maker should have this map in their arsenal of tools. (Yes, it's a tool.)