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Spht'Kr 3D models 1.0

An example of some 3D modeling and per-level MML scripting for Aleph One.

The Classified 19 1.0

An 18 level solo scenario (plus 10 netmaps) that's been 4 years in the making. An answer to map-driven stories... this is a story-driven map. If you fell in love with Marathon because of its storyline, you owe it to yourself to play this one.

The Voice 1.0

In the author's words, "this is a side trip in the Tempus Irae universe, and may be assumed to take place at any reasonable point during the original storyline."

The Yota Saga, Part 10 1.0

Installment 10 of an ongoing series. Two levels this time. Emphasis is on puzzles... you need to use your map, and your head.

USS Raider for M1A1 1.1

A remake of one of the first multilevel solo maps (with terrminals) ever made for M1 - Jim Brewster's USS Raider