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Marathon 1.0 => 1.2 updater

Updates version 1.0 to 1.2. Fixes lots of mouse problems. Doesn't work on version 1.1.

MS Bob Patch

Adds a MS Windows logo on the breast of your bobs. Kind of hard to see, especially when you're trying to kill someone.

Rudimentary Level Editing

More of a curiosity than anything else. Gives instructions on using a data fork editor to modify Gamma (and Beta) levels. Almost surely won't work on released versions.

Dogs of Pfhor v2.1

Marines that help you out, and a couple of (really) nasty new enemies make this package one worth looking at.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

A large, bisymmetrical (almost) level with lots of nice sniping windows.


Simple, small, beautiful! I love it! (Needs more weapons, though.)


Lots of elevators, good mix of open and closed areas. 15K


Never played it, but might be fun with 2 or 3 players.