Created by Jeremy J. Olson

Genus Jraxii -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Genus J'raxii. Converted by Randall J. Currie.

Genus J'raxii

Six level solo scenario. Nicely done, with some thought put into how to make you flip switches in a specific order without making it look like you're being made to flip switches in a certain order.

Menkalinan! 2.0

An okay 3 (or 4) level scenario, with a pretty bizarre plot. (Well, bizarre might be the wrong word... but it seems to evolve with each level. (The readme suggests this might be the case...) Gameplay is pretty linear, but it'll keep you shooting stuff for a while, and that's the point, right?

Sym1Trikzzh Arena

Looks like it might have started life as Duality, but it sure ain't anything like that map now! If everyone stays in the central area, this map would be comfortable with as few as 3. Start exploring, though, and 8 might get lost... A few nice secrets, for those who find 'em.

The J1raxis Hell Arena

An enormous arena with more space in the outlying corridors and small rooms than in the main area. Construction is generally well done, with nice clean Thunderdome-like choices. The main arena is floodable with lava, so beware... in fact, KOTH games are pretty unlikely to have very high hill times, since the lava switch is not attackable from the hill. If you stay out of the secret passageways, you can have high carnage rates with groups of 3 or 4. As soon as you go exploring, 8 will be too few...