This is a great Map Maker and we would like to see him rework this terrific scenario of three levels, you will stay interested! Read Me admits to some bugs, evidently made on an old Mac. Believe this is author's first effort and what an effort! Playable, difficult, just bypass or go on re: bugs. Articulate, intelligent, humor, Durandal in the term's. Story very good. When your fists shoot cool blasts of fusion, who can say bugs are that bad! A twisty, full of things to do map with level two named Jingle Bells Prison Cells. Transport to three needs a little help. A winnah, coulda been a contender, close but maybe a piece of the cigar, not the whole thing. However, we highly recommend and commend . . . download for sure!

Levels in map "Science 101":
Beware of Low-Flying Rental Trucks
Jingle Bells, Prison Cells...
Pfhorce of Will