Kito Carnage 3.0

A circular map with a water column in the middle that is filled with Submachineguns so you are well equipped for water fights. The outer column gives you some ammo and heavy weaponry. This is the first map I ever released on the internet and i've always been kinda proud of it.

Version 3.0 Changes

fixed some things noted in ratings over at fileball. Thank you Blake for starting this "rating campaign" and rate my map along with the others. Thanks to you. So, i added some little more ammo and tweaked the ammo respawn rate. Retextured some minor things but the main gameplay change would that i made the water container A LOT shorter. So instead of this huge water column reaching up into the sky you get a reasonable water column you will be able to fight in instead of getting lost in.

Version 2.5 Changes

Fixed weapon respawn rate a little, fiddled with lights and texturing a little too.

Levels in map "Kito Carnage v3":
Kito Carnage