Keep the Home Fires Burning

This one's a keeper, one of the best. A five-level scenario (six, if you count a little cutscene level) with superb mapmaking, beautiful architectural touches, great flow and monster placement. The plot is engrossing, and really well written, and there are no annoying typos to throw you during play. (This means so much!) You'll find yourself looking for new ways to fight, because the rocket-toting marines you'll encounter aren't as easy to kill as your average baddie... If you find yourself pinned down from one direction, look for another way in. You might find a back door that evens the odds a bit. Play it, you'll like it.

Levels in map "Fires":
Attention K-Mart Shoppers
Ready, aim ...
Nothin' to See Here, Folks, Move Along
Pfheelin' Groovy
Scharalsky Station
Fall Down Go Boom