Galactic Space Landscape v1.0



This is an absolutely spectacular "Space" landscape replacement for any Marathon Shapes file.

The shot is a colossal sweep of the cosmos, as photographed by NASA. You can see more of their amazing images here by going here...

Basically, I sized-up the image as necessary, made it greyscale, and exported the CLUT from Photoshop. You'll have to import and place the image, manually, unless someone is kind enough to make a Shuttle.

So what's here is the larger PICT, the smaller PICT, and two sample files showing the image in use (screenshots from A1, using Goran's "Yota 4" file). Also included, as I say, is the Photoshop CLUT.

I'd loved to have kept the original image as it was, in millions of colours, but Marathon doesn't seem able to handle that. If you know what could be done, lemme know via e-mail.

The greyscale image looks great too, however.


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