Galactic COLOUR Landscape! v1.0



This is an absolutely spectacular "Space" landscape replacement for any Marathon Shapes file, in full and living COLOUR!

The shot is a colossal sweep of the cosmos, as photographed by NASA. You can see more of their amazing images here by going here...

Basically, I sized-up the image as necessary, then exported the CLUT from Photoshop. You'll have to import and place the image, manually, unless someone is kind enough to make a Shuttle.

So what's here is the larger PICT, and five sample files showing the image in use (screenshots from Jason Parson's amazing "Sunset Pool," modified to have a "night" background).

Also included, as I say, is the Photoshop CLUT.

I didn't bother with the smaller PICT: I figure anyone not playing in hi-res wouldn't appreciate this, anyway.

I'm glad to have figured-out the colour issue. It really looks amazing.

Thanks, NASA.


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