Destination: Unknown

14 levels seven of which are Net levels. On level one, "When monsters are the Dreams", we had trouble with a bit of crashing, however level title is significant. Going on all ok. Level four is clever, you are a potential buyer of a Security System and you're here for a Demo. Term says show you all they've got but then messages cross and it's not just a Demo anymore! All in all this is a very playable scenario. Level five, 'Have you heard the news?' has no info in any terms other than extensive maps. Level six 'I gave my inner child a gun' explains everything to date, including level five wherein 'shadows' are trying to communicate with you. Lengthy, articulate & interesting story/premise for entire scenario. Could have been presented earlier. You are fighting 'dead' shadowy Pfhor who wish to be really dead! And you will help them achieve that goal. We can recommend downloading. Net levels are pretty good. A solid package from Mr. Phelps.

Levels in map "Destination Unknown":
when monsters are the dreams
dream a little dream with me
Charade you are!
Valyae, Vlyae, Vayhal
Have you heard the news?
I gave my inner child a gun
the dogs are dead
this ain't no intergalatic kegger...
underwater love
Underwater Love 2
no heroes this time
In the land of Rape and Honey
no more forever