Delta Scenario

Bring up Map and title shows "Flip Da Switch", which is basically it. Articulate terms, 11 levels, fast transports. Chips are easy to find but this player may have forgotten one, not that it probably mattered. Level 6, "Fight the Power" ended up dead end. No way back, no way ahead. Da Door is closed. All following levels are Net Play. Basic good ideas here but don't you just hate those dead ends? Next level is Net so ok. We really tried but to no avail. Maybe you can beat it! No thrill in a solo scenario to transport to a Net level anyway.

Levels in map "Delta Scenario 1.0":
Delta Security Invasion
Water, water, yet not a drop to drink!
DH-7 Catalyst
Enter The Dragon
Delta Security Invasion
Fight The Power
In the Dark We Liveā€¦
Phoebus TDK
Temple Of Dreams
Wind It UP!