Benad's Net Games SDK v1.2

Now THIS is intriguing. This is a developer's kit for making cool net games like Rugby, Capture the Flag, and Defense. Up to 8 teams are supported. Inside, you'll find a modified version of Aleph One (because the netcode in the current release is 'broken', apparently), a modified version of the venerable Pfhorte 2.0 (plus source code), some small demo maps, and sketchy directions. It'll be very interesting to see what gets done with this! V1.1 fixes a small bug that allowed a ball to appear on a base if you died on it. V1.2 adds a copyright page, refixes that bug that 1.1 was supposed to fix, and adds a few maps to the distribution.

Levels in map "All-Defense(8)":

Levels in map "All-Flag(2)":

Levels in map "All-Rugby(4)":
All Rugby

Levels in map "The Big Donut-Defense":
The Big Donut

Levels in map "The Big Donut-Flag":
The Big Donut

Levels in map "The Big Donut-Rugby":
The Big Donut