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Bowling v1.1

Comes in two versions, one for solo play and one for net. The net version has a more interesting design, and is missing the gimmick that gives the solo version its name...

Constant Carnage

This map just about maxes out object limits in Marathon, and because of this is horribly slow on anything but a powermac (and even then...) Otherwise, it's a pretty straightforward map with lots and lots and lots and lots of ammo and baddies and stuff.

Dragon's Maw

Inspired by Everyone's Mortal But Me. Look around for the invincibility...

Knee-Deep in S'pht 1.1

The first two levels of a rather large scenario. (All the levels are there, but only the first two have polygons in them... well, the third has a pair so that you can teleport in, but...) Generally pretty difficult, but more for techical reasons than anything else. The central shaft on the first level (by which most intra-level travel occurs) is a bit tough to get the hang of. Once you've figured it out (and ignored the bad textures inside), it's pretty cool... and there's a nice trap on level two.


A straightforward arena with a few nice twists. The "hill" is a pretty dangerous place to be... This map was created because "there are very few maps with [the pfhor texture set], and even fewer good ones."High-quality.