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Horse Gates

Cool name for a net map!! Once you play the map then the name will make more sense. Almost a rodeo style start with small narrow hallways that open into the large arena area, (reminiscent of stall gates). Some bugs with this one, along with some teleport problems. Don't play this net game with aliens on, you will run into tremendous problems.....Solo play-it might work, I haven't tried it yet. Flow is slow at times, and probably would only work best with EMFH.

House of Pfhun

A small arena, and a large ammo room... most of the ammo is suspended (get good at elevators, or die), and watch the lava traps! A few neat tricks...

Mutiny is good...

A small, tight, King-of-the-Hill arena. Great flow. See how long you can stay on the hill... this map should have some of the lowest winning times around.