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Bear's Net Maps v3

This is now up to six maps (although two are just the same map with different net options...). One is unstable on 68K macs-use the Ignore Zero Divides program to get around this. A pretty nice mix... small, medium, and large arenas, some nice twisty areas, a bunch of enhancements to take advantage of the new M2 features. Bunch of tweaks (texture alignments, etc.) Now comes with three physics models which make the alien weapon a bit more deadly...

Pfhactory v2.2CS

The CS stands for Chapter Screen. This map is identical to the above version of Pfhactory, except that it has a great chapter screen at the beginning of it... I'll leave 'em both up, because the first one contains films and an M1 version of the map that this one doesn't have. Only change in this version is that the 8-bit version of the chapter screen is now in color.

PG Mars Needs Women v2.0

A modification of a modification. This one started with Mars Needs Women, above, and then went on to make a few tweaks. Includes the map he started with (so if you haven't already gotten it, you can get it here), and a list of changes made. This version fixes a small bug that kept the skull from showing up in Kill the Guy...