We fell - in school!!! v1.0

These level is large (in my standard)...

Now for the disclaimers.

-School net version-

From the school solo map I submitted earlier.


Many game modes

-Every man for himself (or tag)

-kill the man with the ball

-king of the hill

-Team Survival+Deathmatch (Play it on every man for himself with more than 2 teams on and aliens at total carnage)

-Team Deathmatch

-Solo Survival

-Team survival (Play it on every man for himself but don't set any teams and don't shoot each other)

-We fell-


-3 game modes (but please read the read me, thank you.)

-Countless simulacrums/Assimilated Vacbobs (They keep spawning)

-Center Tower as the hill.

P.S. I made these map on SEVENTH of january (2006)

(That's another seven, I guess.)

P.S.2 Both maps contains Rocket launchers

P.S.3 PS3 Isn't out yet, we gotta a bit longer until sony build it for sell.*drools*

---End of description from an insane author ---

Levels in map "School net version":
Alien school (Entrance)

Levels in map "We fell":
We fell.