Total Texture Enhancement (Medium) v6.0

A new and much better release of the Total Texture Enhancement Package made by Earthquake Software. This 6.0 version offers loads of improvements.

A lot of work and time has gone into this version and the quality of the textures is yet again stunning compared to earlier releases. This package brings you all of the textures from Marathon 1 (M1A1), Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity in high-res versions for use with Aleph One to make the beautiful environments in the Marathon Trilogy even better looking!

Here's a complete list of the new features and improvements in 6.0:

- Minor visual improvement on some of the textures.

- A file-path error has been fixed which caused one Marathon 2 texture not to work.

- The texture scripts have been cleaned up a bit.

- Smaller size textures (file size not actual size) causing the following things:

1. Level load times are shorter thanks to this.

2. A slight in-game performance boost.

3. The total package is of smaller size so downloading takes less time and the files take up less HD space.

4. All textures are now in .jpg format.

5. Best of all, there's no loss in graphics quality compared to much larger previous versions.


Total Texture Enhancement Package (Medium) 6.0 specific notes:

A great balance between performance and quality. We do recommend a 64 or 128mb graphics card but if you got one of those the results will not let you down. Give it a try!


We hope you enjoy these textures!

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