ToastMonkey's Revenge 1.0

A large, convoluted map, with a central, raised hill surrounded by a lava moat, and lots and lots of side passages to play with. Tons of secrets... teleporters that take you to the hill (in a roundabout way), an invincibility, little things that'll keep you busy for a while. Beware: there's a switch that puts up barriers around the hill for over 30 seconds... the only way in is via teleporters (while the barriers are up), and the only way out is by dying. An ill-timed switch can really tip the balance in a KOTH game... Made for M2 (it was made with Obed for Win95), but it looks fine with Infinity textures.

-Claude Errera

This map was created by Pushkin @ th' ToastMonkey Consortium.

This was our first net map we ever actually uploaded. Of all our maps, this holds claim to some of the better gameplay we've had in our net games. That was a long tima ago now, but it should be just as fun as ever. Enjoy.

-Moose Factory

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Levels in map "ToastMonkey's Revenge":
ToastMonkey's Revenge