Toastmonkey's Return v1.0

An interesting KOTH map, with a really raised hill (mostly) only accessible by slow platforms, giving folks plenty of time to pick you off. (In fact, unless you're quick-footed, it's a two step process to the hill... even more time.) This is the sort of pressure that forces secrets into the open... but in any case, defending the hill is no piece of cake either. The area is small, and semi-enclosed, meaning a well-placed pair of spnkr missiles from anyone on the outer ring is gonna toast you. Unless folks are much better than the crowd I usually play with, winning hill times will be relatively low. A nice change of pace...

-Claude Errera

This map was created by Flat-Man @ th' ToastMonkey Consortium.

Levels in map "Toastmonkey's Return":
Toast Monkey Returns