ToastMonkey Presents v1.0

A 17-level nethop map with a seriously cool intro level. Most of the individual levels have been released in some form... many have changed pretty radically, though. It's built around two "hub" levels, so that smaller groups can actually play without getting too lost, but larger ones can spread out. Built with Obed for Win95 M2, it's actually not playable under the mac version, due to the long line of sights and transparent lines. Luckily, it works beautifully under Aleph One, available from the Marathon: Open Source site. Get this map for its grandeur alone.

-Claude Errera

This map was created by Pushkin and Moose-Factory @ th' Toastmonkey Consortium. Now, words from the maker(s):

This was originally designed for M2, and as such is optimized for the M2 texture set. This was meant to be an M2 map, but since it was build on the PC version, we didn't reilize we made it too complex for macs. As such, this will work great for M2 windows users, as well as you mac people using aleph. While this is the M2 version, the next version of this nethop is currently in the works, which will be optimized for the use of aleph one and the infinity texture set, and should be including some more maps yet still.

While this is technically a nethop, it is mainly centered around one large hub level (Comrade Hüffs Tea Party- which to my knowledge has only been released in this nethop). Within that level are many hiden terminals and exit polys to jump to the other levels, but those are mainly little secret bonuses. Otherwise you may acces the other maps like you would any other netpack with the level jumpin' code.

Have fun with this one- it's been a while in the making, and still is a work in progress- though this will be close to what the final version for M2 atleast will look like. Many maps have been included to provide any type of concievable battlefield you could wish for- and you'll find some cool concepts and many maps that we've released prior to this. Enjoy.

-Moose Factory

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Levels in map "ToastMonkey Presents":
Story Time
Comrade Huff's Tea Party
Federal Budget Surprise
Nick's Eef and Bee Hou
Fruit Loops
people i could name
Secondary Trigger
Vienna for Brunch
Canto I
Canto II
Canto III
Canto IV
Canto V
ToastMonkey's Revenge
Son of ToastMonkey