Tilo's First Solo Collection v1.0

This was FUN. 8 or 10 levels, depending on how you count... beautiful mapmaking. Some of the levels had a flow problem (hit this switch, run over here, look for a newly-opened area... run BACK over here, hit this other switch, lather, rinse, repeat), but overall, this was acceptable - the levels were just very nice to look at. Lots to kill, lots of ammo to kill it with. Terms were translated from the original german, and can be a bit difficult to follow (especially since they (for the most part) rely on words, not pictures, to get you from point a to point b)... but again, this isn't critical - when in doubt, kill stuff and throw switches. Give it a look - mapmakers, there are lots of cool ideas here; players, there's a chunk of fun carnage here.

Levels in map "Tilos First Solo Collection":
Antilogic (
Kenetic Aspect (
Latino Lingo (Cypriss Hill)
The Killing Fields (Mike Oldfield)
Secret Level 1
Secret Level 2
Synthetic Machine (
Fatal Instinct (Quake3Arena)
Redemption March (
Pressurezone (
Antilogic (