A Tad Extra Lh'owon v1.0

This pack consists of two netmaps.

The first one, "The Map with no Name," fits up to 8 players. It was originally released in the scenario "Marathon: Jigsaw," but is being re-released now as a very slightly modified version.

The second map, "Jjaro Station 77," is a new map. It is quasi-arena-style, but lacks the enourmous areas for manuveuring often found in those maps. The map only fits up to 6 players.

Both maps should provide ample fun for all game types other than co-operative. Some Pfhor opponents spawn from time-to-time just to spice up players running around in solo mode, but if you don't want them in netplay simply turn off aliens.

Note that this pack should work in both Infinity and Aleph One. If you only have Marathon 2, the first should work, but the second will cause you to crash.

Happy netplay!

Levels in map "A Tad Extra Lh'owon":
The Map With No Name
Jjaro Station 77