Suicide Run v1.3

This is a multiplayer net pack designed for Infinity, but can be played with M2. There are eight maps in all. There are levels that support W'rkncacnter's CTF Lua. They also support co-op, EMFH, KOTH, and KMWB. This is the last update for Suicide Run. So if you are a fan of SR, please download this version. :)


Inaugural release of "Suicide Run"


Fixes the physics bug (the rocket would shoot pistol bullets...). And minor tweaks to the maps.


Fixes more bugs on the maps, adds a new hallway to "Power Tower," adds windows and pattern buffers to "Suicide Run," and a new map.


THE LAST VERSION! Replaces an old map with a new, and fixes more bugs than ever...

Levels in map "Suicide Run v1.3":
You aint finished, human
Power Tower
Aquatic life & DEATH Center
The 7rue Blue (CTF)
Power Tower (night)
Tulips & Daiseies
Too high to fall...
Suicide run