Steve No More v1.0

A large, somewhat symmetrical level, with a hill surrounded by a lava moat. The hill is reached by shooting a switch that raises stairs to it, and under the hill (for those willing to brave the lava) is a stronghold with rechargers. (No ammo, though, and no way to get any, so you can't stay too long...) For the really adventurous, there's a kill switch (hard to reach) that floods the entire area around the hill with lava, and blankets the hill with enforcer/hunter crossfire. An interesting netmap... don't play it with groups smaller than 3 or 4, you'll get bored.

-Claude Errera

This map was created by Pushkin and Moose-Factory @ th' ToastMonkey Consortium.

Levels in map "Steve No More":
Steve No More