Station 17 Tactical v1.02

Tactical Mod.

The artifical gravity generator on Station 17 has been malfunctioning for the last several months, producing far higher levels of gravity. This has forced the occupants of 17 to adapt to this enviroment but in the process has increased their muscle density many times over. The medical staff believes the Marines stationed here are becoming more resilient to the weapons stockpiled, and with supplies dwindling and restlessness setting in many are worried about another conflagration...

*Reduced weapon damage

*Weapons tweaked for balance

*More gravity with lowered run speed

Future ideas: Mines (Let me know if you have a cool mine mod) CTF, Breaking glass and fall damage


1.01 Fixed a bounce error

1.02 Added ambient sounds

Levels in map "Station 17 Tactical":
Station 17 Tactical