Smothered Hope v1.0

Smothered Hope

by Matt Ramquist


(for use with Aleph One only)

This is my first attempt at designing a Capture The Flag map for the Marathon Engine. This resurgence of mapmaking is due to playing Aleph One netgames over the Internet (thanks, Woody Z) and made possible by Benad's excellent Net Games SDK.

This map only supports two team CTF. To participate players must either join the Red or Slate Team.

A big thank you to all the players of the Aleph One channel who unwittingly helped test this map with oft-disasterous results.

Note- I've also included a merged Every Man For Himself version for those who just want to kill indiscriminately.


Map Type: Large, CTF

Polygon Count: 222

Texture Set: Mi (Lava)

Levels in map "Smothered Hope CTF":
Smothered Hope

Levels in map "Smothered Hope EMFH":
Smothered Hope