Richard's Ten

A pretty amazing nethop pack, in that all the maps are quite good on their own - so 10 of them together is mindbending. These maps are medium-to-large, but still playable by smaller groups - flow is quite good overall. If you get tired of the level you're on, find a terminal! (Or, if you want to keep it simple, agree as a group to ignore all terminals, and play on a single map - the choice is yours.) Some physics tweaks make some weapons even more deadly than they were before (as if that's really necessary for the Evil universe...). Overally, a really, really fun collection.

Levels in map "Richard's Ten 11:4:00":
No Placeta Hide
Big Badda Boom
Dark Pit of Despair
The Pit
Sparta Arena Nukes
Dogface Boy
The Pillar of Doom
Dying in the Dark