Red Spectrum v1.6

Red Spectrum is my personal project -- a netplaying endeavor that now spans 24 levels. The netmap quality in this pack surpasses that of almost anything you'll see, and is pretty much the de facto standard for Aleph One games nowadays.

For a more extensive readme on the maps themselves, please visit

Anyone who's downloaded previous versions, please dl this one. Barring any necessary tweaks or bug fixes, 1.6 will be the LAST VERSION of Red Spectrum, so it'd be wise to download this one.

Levels in map "Red Spectrum v1.6":
Hocus Pocus
The Wildfire
Hamburger Hill
Marathon Rocket Arena
Mucking About
Pillar of Pain
Master Slave
Robocop Complex
Grave Danger
Tower of Hanoi
Perpetual Motion
Happy Hour
Cave Story
Infinite Rhapsody
Winterheart's Guild
Jjaro Jjaro Revolution
Morrolan's Castle
Molten Core