Quick Movie v0.2

This "Quick Movie" was inspired by "The Tenth Warrior," the only [relatively] long Marathon film I've seen set to music and put into a movie file format. In this case, it's MPEG-4, which almost any OS should be capable of playing. If you can't play it, I suggest getting the Videolan Client from .

This was a very quick job, if you couldn't tell already; 4 AM is a time for crazy people. The music is the Chemical Brothers' "Setting Sun," a song whose wild music video also played a part in the movie's inspiration.

Of course, since the total estimated work time of this video is one or maybe two hours, there are random things like idiotic slow-downs and odd little moments of panicked POV-switching. In addition, some things may seem random or accidental, but aren't. After all, who can judge what a fatigued college student does on purpose? Oh yeah, and the aspect ratio is messed up because we thought that iMovie would enjoy having a 16:9ish ratio in its film. We were wrong.

Anyway, enjoy this tribute to a tribute of Marathon net gaming. Maybe we'll have enough time to include everything that we wanted to, but in a later version. Minute three of the video is really the best part, I think.

Version 0.2 updates the README file so that the map's creator is credited. So don't re-download unless you'd like to know that Wolfy created Lupality. Oops. I just told you.