The Portal of Sigma v1.1

This release come with the first chapter as well as 11 net levels to be played online! Portal of Sigma is playable on OSX and contain many new graphics for textures, weapons and monsters. l hope you enjoy the first chapter!

Update for version 1.1:

-removal of the useless "superlog mml"

-include improved physics, also available on the "Sigma netpack"

-fixed random starting point bug in level "all spooky nights"

-added a high res textures for the water set

-fixed a bug in the script "Sigma.mml"

-fixed an untextured door in first level

-the game sounds can now play in 16-bit mode, fixing some bugs

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Levels in map "SigmaMap":
Ghar'hima ship
Under attack...
Destination H.E.L.L
In the red...
Todo lo que queda
All Good People are Asleep and Dreaming…
One mint julip
All those spooky night make me insane...
Dream a prophecy, live a legend

Levels in map "SigmaNetmap":
spiders stew
Ping Pang Pong
shaved balls
rat no more!
Two Men Enter...
freaking arena of !"#$