Portal of Sigma SDL v1.1

Version 1.1 of the Aleph one scenario, Portal of Sigma for SDL!

It now finally work on the windows and linux Os thanks to the help

of Gregory Smith ( Treellama, well, he helped a lot and Irons as well )

Portal of Sigma feature:

-New graphics for textures, weapons and sprites

-New interface ( radar and head up display )

-fixed terminal pics and chapter screen bug

-fixed an untextured spot

-the solo maps are now up to date with the Mac version

-the sounds should set to 16-bit, this will avoid bugs

Comments and idea for the next chapters can be send at:

The install procedure in windows is the same for any other scenario:

Unzip a fresh copy of Aleph One. Unzip Sigma, and drag all the Sigma stuff into the new Aleph One folder you just created.

Levels in map "SigmaMap":
Ghar'hima ship
Under attack...
Destination H.E.L.L
In the red...
Todo lo que queda
All Good People are Asleep and Dreaming…
One mint julip
All those spooky night make me insane...
Dream a prophecy, live a legend

Levels in map "SigmaNetmap":
spiders stew
Ping Pang Pong
shaved balls
rat no more!
Two Men Enter...
freaking arena of !"#$