Photi v0.4

Updated v0.4

More frequent respawning of ammunition and weapons during network play. Removed gun sentries from single and network play when aliens are turned on. Decreased number of appearing aliens from single and network play to increase fun factor.

Release v0.3

Initial version released to the public.

This map is an arena with a central death zone and stairs leading out to an upper runway. A large number of visible polygons will crash Infinity, but AlephOne runs it just fine.

vSolo -

Best used with the Trench Foot modification. The original MADDs are back along with other marines who will rough you up a little.

vNetwork -

Best used with the Trench Foot modification if aliens are turned on. Optimal carnage at 3 to 6 players.

Levels in map "Photi v0.4":
Photi vSolo
Photi vNetwork