Pete's Pmods v1.0

Glue...This physics model glues everyone to the floor, no one can move but you.

ZeroG-Gernades...This one prevents gernades from falling, they will keep moving untill they hit something.

Napalm Powered Flashlight... This is just what it sounds like, a napalm powered flash light. your flashlight is in your fist, and don't get to close to anyone(unless you want them to fry).

Trigger-Happy-Fighters...This one's old. The red and blue fighters can shoot at you with the wepons you know and love.

StarFleet Issued Photon Gernades...What do you think? You throw them with your fist.

StarFleet Issued Phasor... Again, what do you think? You use it with your fusion gun, first is low power green, second it high powered gold phasor fire.

Walking Doom...Walk into people and wach them explode!(This was supposed to make every one kamikazi, but it didn't work out too well)

Funny Little Napalm Powered Pistol Shaped Lighter Thing...Ya know those pistol shaped lighters, well this is one, just it's napalm powered.

Broken Drones...The drones are BROKEN!! they can't fly.

Drone Poop... Poopin' drones, they poop. Whatja' you think they did?

Messed-Up-Fighters... All the fighter's colors's are all swiched.

Invisible Gate...Make your own invisible fence with the secondary weapon on the ar-75 assult rifel.(great for network games)

steroids...Remember in doom? well here's a steroid punch.

shotgun...what do you think(sawed off/nonsawed off)

some others too