Penance More Will Do v1.1

Originally developed for the Chimera scenario. Retextured for Marathon Rubicon.

(v1.1) Fixes some bad textures (Thanks, JD). Removed some duplicate items. June 12, 2001

(v1.0) Initial release. May 24, 2001

Note: It's been brought to my attention that because of the liquid that comes with the texture set used in this map, the submerged sections of the map are completely black and unplayable when using the original Infinity engine (I have been unable to duplicate this). This does not affect the Aleph One engine so you should be fine if you're using that. Those playing with MR Infinity should either use the map view when submerged or click here to download an alternate version with different media.

Levels in map "Penance More Will Do":
Penance more will do