Operation Vengeance

A 13-level scenario which manages to pack every trick and novelty ever devised for Marathon, every slick little piece of eye candy, all into an eminently playable package. Engrossing... you walk into a room, begin to marvel at the gorgeous lighting effects, and promptly get wasted by a foursome of invisible compilers. A blast... literally. The downside to all this coolness is the added detail introduces complexity which isn't always fully predictable. There are a few small glitches. Save whenever you get the chance, and change filenames, so you can go back to a previous version if you discover you can no longer go forward. All in all, a truly masterful piece of mapmaking... download this for the ideas alone! (But while you have it on your drive, you should play it...)

Levels in map "Operation Vengeance":
The Ready Line
Sludge Monster
And Not A Drop To Drink
The Scientific Nature of the Whammy
Never Seen Sugar Do That Before
They Found Your Bleepin' UFO
Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis
Something Silly's Going To Happen
Go In, Get Everbody, Kill The Gold
One Way Or Another