Ode to Pombero (M2) v1.7

11 levels. These were released for Infinity a few months back... now they're available in M2 format, and they prove that great maps can look great in multiple texturesets. Rich is a master at multilevel carnage... but even those who like shooting folks on a level playing field will find maps to love here. Good, clean carnage, no bugs. Grab 'em and go!

Levels in map "Ode to Pombero v1.7.sce2":
Aju Romomaitai
┬┐Or What?
Silent Metal Nurse
Hecho en China
The Grim Ritual
Son of Betadine Barbie
King of the Horse Fire
A Brady Carnfest
Slimey Apogee at Dusk
Die Lulu Fly