NetHell (Original) v1.0


This is an 8-player(recommended) net level with a twist. While seven players start out in my scenic Battle Arena, the eighth is exiled into hell. Why not just commit suicide you ask? Because hell is escapable, and for those who dare ascend you may either: 1) transport yourself to the main Battle Arena 2) Find satan's secret control room or 3) do both. I won't tell you much about control room except that gives you some cool powers to use on your friend/enemies in the arena.


2001 Addendum

Architecture and silly notes were preserved to show what a geeky kid I was when I made this level. Textures and media have been updated for compatibility with Marathon Infinity/Aleph One.

Please send me any netgame films recorded while playing this level, I would love to see them.


P.S.- for solo players who want to test the Hell part of the map just hit Command-Q to end the current game then hit "new game" from the menu to respawn from a new location, repeat until you start the game in a small room (entrance to hell).

Levels in map "NetHell Original":
Welcome back Kotter